Are you searching for office reinstatement ideas for your office? Office reinstatement is usually as a result of the need to move to a new office space or the expiry of a lease period. The reason is that as opposed to renting a residential property, renting commercials spaces, office spaces or shops needs you to sign a contractual agreement, which is within the reinstatement clause.

The clause stipulates that as a tenant, you have to reinstate the office back to its previous condition once the lease period expires. It means that when moving to your new office or if the rental period has expired, you may find yourself in a rush to reinstate the unit back to its former condition. This post looks at 5 reinstatement ideas for your office and why you should hire experts to carry them out.

Removing Temporary Walls and Partitions

One idea when it comes to office reinstatement is to make sure you remove any temporary false ceilings and any drywall partitions. You should also get rid of any laying finishes on the floor, for example, cement screen, tiles, vinyl and carpets. The reason is that these were your unique requirements, which means you should remove them after the expiry of your lease or when moving to another office.

Replacing, Reinstating and Relining Of Damaged Ceiling Boards and Wiring

Another idea to use when carrying out office reinstatement is to make sure that you repair any damaged ceiling boards. You should remove and terminate any wiring, electrical cables, and power and data points in the office space. You should also demolish any vanity, block walls and concrete features that you may have put up during the structural work of your office.

Removing and Dismantling Windows

You should dismantle and remove any windows, blinds, curtains and doors that you may have installed after signing the office lease. The reason is that the property owner in most cases will want the office to get back to its original look.

Remove the Air-Conditioning and Compressor

When carrying out office reinstatement, consider removing any air-conditioning equipment and relocate the air-con diffusers ducting. Keep in mind that you installed these systems when modifying the space into your specifications.


Another idea is to paint the office walls and ceilings back to their original colour. That’s because your agreement may stipulate that you paint the space afresh when moving out or after the expiry of your lease.

Why You Should Consider Office Reinstatement Experts

You need experienced and skilled professionals to carry out the above reinstatement projects since it’s not an easy task. The reason is that if you try it, you may end up damaging items in the office.

Reinstatement contractors don’t have predetermined rates or quotes. Depending on many aspects such as the size of the office, it means that you need you experts who can reinstate the office back to its original look within the timeframe that you give.

For many companies, moving from one office to another is not an easy task. Keep in mind that you also have to move office stationery and furniture as well as do the reinstatement work. The best way is by engaging with office reinstatement professionals near you.